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320C nozzle - what's the safe way?


I have a v2.4 built with SB and I'd like to set it up to print up to 320C so to match some of the specs of Qidi X-plus-3.

I know I could just get a high temp revo and slap it in, but I'd like to know if there are consequences that I should be aware of, like for instance printing the revo mount with a higher temperature resistant material.

Any insight would be welcome.

Thank you
You really don't need to. The Qidi is mostly just showing that off as if its impressive (It isn't) most properly equipped hotends can go hit 450c if they try to.. Not that its required nor wise (your silicone sock will start to die fairly fast at that temperature)

Nor do you need it really for any materials that are printed in a voron.
A bit of a condescending tone, yet thanks for your answer. I would appreciate though if you don't frame in matter of need. I want to learn more about 3D printer designs. You replaced my question (how) with another question (should) and answer that instead. Not really helpful.

I hope someone knowledgeable may step in and share some knowledge on the topic with me.
The major problem is guaranteeing that the printed parts of the toolhead won't fall apart while printing at these temperatures.

Nero, one of the admins on Voron Discord server, have an YouTube channel and made some experiments with these kind of temperatures. The first one was a disaster, but the second attempt went ok, and I think he used a Revo HT for the latter.

I don't think you need to have toolhead parts printed on HT polymers, but that also doesn't hurt, if you are willing to spend for that.
To answer your question specifically, the answer is "it depends". If you want to attempt a higher temperature just change the max temperature in the Klipper configuration. A standard Revo is good to 300C, Revo HF is good to 500C. Others can hit 300-ish pretty easily but I don't recall any other specifics.

That being said, higher temperatures means higher change of melting something in or around the toolhead so proceed as you feel comfortable. I have seen some print mounts in polycarbonate or other higher temp materials but even they have their limits.