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350mm skirt .step files

impotent onion

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Maybe I'm a big dummy, but I cant get the 350mm skirts from the CAD files. I open the Cad in F360 to export for use in On-Shape, but cannot see or isolate them to export. I wonder if anyone has just the 350mm skirt .step, and if so, will you share? Thanks!
If you're familiar with Onshape you can upload the full assembly step file in Onshape. It contains individual parts.
I did try that- the issue I am having isn't opening the cad, it is actually finding the 350 skirts. Only the default (250, i think) skirts are loading, and there are no 350 skirts i can find. I'm still trying to figure it out, jut thought it might be worth an ask.
In the r2 release step file, if you run a search for "350" you should find them. Inside the sub-assembly "skirts" everything is there. You may need to unhide some bodies/parts. Here's how it looks with everything visible, you can tell the skirts are there :


If you struggle still I can upload the step files here, but ideally you should get used to pull the data from the source ;)
Yeah, I'm a walnut. I had it the whole time, and just did not know what i was doing well enough to realize. *sigh* thinking is hard, lol. Thanks for your time.