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Question Step files for 300x300 Voron 2.4?


New member
Hi All,

I'm thinking of building the Voron 2.4, and as a starting point I'd like to download the CAD files (in STEP file format, as I use FreeCAD).

The model I would like to build is the 300x300mm one; the STEP files I can find on Github seem to be the 250x250mm only (but maybe I am missing something!). Does anyone know if there is a 300x300 model available somewhere?


Thanks! Do you know if this step file includes all the different variants, i.e. 250,300 and 350?

When I import this into FreeCAD I can only see the 250 version - but perhaps this is a limitation of step file import with FreeCAD.
Sorry, I missed it in your original post that you did look at the STEP file from the GitHub. I checked the files there and both the STEP and Fusion360 files are the 250 mm versions.
There is no full model in any format for the larger builds. Note that NO complex pieces (except skirts) changes size in larger builds. just aluminum extrusions, side panels, and, of course the bed.