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8 pin 0.5mm pitch FFC cable but 1000mm long!


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I accidently damage the cable that connect the input shaper ADXL345 module, I searched online and I have found many (in the uk) 8 pin 0/5mm FFC ribbon cable but none of them reach a 1 Meter in length! Any one where I can purchase a 1 meter length cable or will I need to purchase a input shaper unit for the sake of a cable??

probably cheaper to just get another ldo input shaper kit for $10 from west3d, kb-3d, fabreeko, etc if you're in the US. Or reach out to your reseller and see if they or LDO can send a replacement.

I'd send you one but I think I damaged mine too :D I've since switched to toolhead board ADXLs on e.g. EBB36 toolhead boards. KUSBA usb accelerometers are another option (don't get the 'Pro' version though).
Sounds like the perfect time to switch to an accelerometer which uses a standard USB Type C cable. (y)