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Question ABS+ cooldown / removal time without deforming


Hey there,
my voron currently has no exhaust fan and the case is pretty much not letting out any air. Also the room in which it is standing is mostly around 23C° so the cooldown after a print takes for a long time.
Since i want to prevent my parts from deforming after the print i let it cool to room temperature with my ABS+ prints before i remove the parts, which takes a really long time.

How do you handle your cooldown/removal of ABS+ prints?

Do you activate an exhaust fan after the print and if, at which point?
Do you wait until the chamber and build plate are cooled to room temperature or to which point in relation to the room temperature?

Thanks for letting me know :)
It really depends on what the part is for and the material. If the part if functional for a client I leave the doors closed and let the temps come down slow.
If the part is cosmetic, I usually open the doors and let it cool for 10-20 minutes and then grab it.
I have a V0, so parts are smaller (limiting warp), and it's probably quicker to cool down.

I let the bed cool down to 75C before removing parts. I have a "large" fan mounted to the bottom of my enclosure. Part of my print end macro is it moves the bed down to the bottom and turns on the fan. This speeds up the cooldown significantly. I have not noticed warping of parts - but like I said, they're limited in size since the bed is only 120mm square.

Following this strategy, the cycle time isn't too bad. It takes about 10 minutes for the bed to cool down after the print. Then, I remove the plate and heat the bed back up. During this, the enclosure stays pretty warm, so once the bed is back up to temp, I can start the next print.