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Any tips for a Fly Gemini V3 wifi connection?


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Siboor V0.2
Okay so this might be a really dumb question but I can't seem to get anything going. I bought the Siboor 0.2 kit and got everything together. BUT after turning it on and confirming that it boots I'm running into the problem of not knowing how to connect the Gemini V3 to my network. The kit comes with a wifi USB adapter but I have no idea how to enter my network credentials so it can actually log in. I also tried to hook up with the ethernet cable but it still doesn't seem to show up. Any help would be appreciated
Hi. SSH into it using the USB cable (serial connection with putty.). Username fly and password is mellow. Then, type in nmtui at the prompt. This will bring up a wizard to allow you to set up your wifi info.