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Question Artifacts: Vertical Lines in round outer shell areas - Voron 2.4


Hi Vornoneers,

my Voron 2.5 350 is continuing to be a fun and exciting journey. Most prints come out beautifully, and finally after I‘ve correctly routed the belts there is no more skipping, layer shifts, etc. I do however see vertical lines as artifacts on all rounded outer shells. These are repeatable exactly at the same location if I print a gcode twice.

Below a few pictures of quick n dirty functional prints with 0.6mm nozzle, if I print a perfect circle it‘s even more prevalent. As the lines are at the same exact position on each layer I initially thought It’s some weird seam from a travel or retraction, but looking at it while it‘s printing, you can see the printer head move or studded exactly at these positions.

I used Cura 5.5 for these parts, but previous Versions yielded a similar result, gcodes look clean, so no weird travels indicated in the slicer at those positions.
—> interestingly non outer shell walls do not show this studder of the printer/axis, but seems perfectly smooth, so I presume it‘s rather a software or config setting rather than a hardware defect?

Belt tension on x/y looks good with the Gates-App on iOS, no skipping in the motors to be heard, etc.
any clue or hints?

Edit: printing speed does not influence the issue, I changed speed from 100 to 50 and 150 in this print to test it…