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Barnacules Nerdgasm in the house 🏠


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Hi there, fellow nerds!

I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself here on this forum. My name is Jerry, but most people know me as Barnacules. I've been running a YouTube channel called Barnacules Nerdgasm since 2008, which currently has around 860k subscribers. I started the channel back when I was working as a software developer at Microsoft, just as an excuse to use my FlipVideo HD camera that I picked up from Circuit City way back in the day.

After a few years of making some awkward product reviews, my friend Eric (who works at Blizzard) introduced me to 3D printing through his Ultimaker Original. I was blown away when he printed out a little bearing housing that used airsoft BBs to make a functional ball bearing. It was like something out of Star Trek, just really slow. That little technology demo was so impactful that I ran home and immediately put down $3500 on a preassembled Ultimaker. Boy, have times changed since then! Nowadays, you can get an all-metal 3D printer that's better in every possible way for just $189 on Amazon.

Anyway, I've been making YouTube videos about 3D printing since 2011 with my Ultimaker, and things really took off from there. I did room tours, bigger technology demos, racing simulations, and ultimately VR. But health problems caught up with me, and I had to take a break from making edited content for a few years. Now, I'm back and ready to start 3D printing again, and I'm trying to get some of my old life back.

Currently, I have an Ultimaker, Ultimaker 2, Ultimaker 2 Extended, Ultimaker 2+ Extended, and Ultimaker 3, as well as a SeeMeCNC Artimis Delta printer and a FormLabs Form 2 SLA resin printer. The only printer I have set up and running at the moment is the Ultimaker 3, but I plan to bring some of the other printers online soon.

The reason I'm here on this forum is that I'm building a Voron 2.4, which I'm super excited about. My neighbor Chris showed me his Voron 2.4 350mm kit that he just finished building in his garage, and I fell in love instantly. I'm building the LDO Motors Voron 2.4r2 REV C kit, which is one of the best kits out there. LDO sent me the kit just to see what I thought about it, and PrintedSolid gave me a polycarbonate door kit for it, and PolyMaker provided the ASA filament. The community has welcomed me back with open arms, which I'm truly grateful for.

In the longer term, I plan to use this printer with my Dexter Robotic Arm to do some neat stuff and make some cool content playing with automated end-to-end scenarios with no interaction. I'm very rusty after years and years of not programming, 3D printing, and only live streaming when my health allowed me to. But, I'm starting to realize that life is too short, and even if you're dealing with a lot of pain and suffering, you can still do some amazing things if you distract yourself away from it.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I'm looking forward to seeing you guys around in the future. If any of you are going to LTX up in Canada, that'll be the first in-person event I've attended since 2019, which is going to be crazy! I also plan to return to 3D printing conventions starting next year, provided my docs and I can get the health problems at least manageable so I can tolerate the travel requirements.

I'm thrilled to be back in the world of 3D printing, especially since materials have become so much better, and the slicer software has become so much more advanced over the last 5 years. The failure rate on 3D prints is insanely low now, and I'm looking forward to my first COREXY machine, which I hope will be up and running by the end of the month.

Thanks again for letting me introduce myself, and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,
Jerry (aka. Barnacules)
Hey Barnacules! I remember you having an Ultimaker and showing 3DP stuff here and there, alongside computers and Windows. Welcome to VORON community. Do you plan on doing some live stream builds?

If you have any questions, concerns, or trouble with your build, do not hesitate to ask. Either here (may take longer to respond), or on Discord (may be occasionally drowned in public channels when they are busy, but we run help tickets too).

GL with your build, there is Build Logs section here on this forum if you want to document your progress :)
Welcome Jerry! I remember watching your 3d printing videos years ago. Glad to see you are building a Voron V2!
Hey Jerry, welcome! If you hit any issues building that you can't straighten out via the absolutely awesome Voron discord...ping me and I can swing by.
OMFG Ken.. MSFT Ken?! Is that you? Dude... I have no idea how we lost touch for so long but I'm sure it was my fault 🙏 I miss you man, it's great to see you here in the Voron forums, the last place where I ever thought I would run into you again since I didn't even know you were into 3D printing. I haven't been using Facebook for a very long time and I'm mostly on Twitter now (@Barnacules) so give me a follow if you're on there. I'll try to private message you on here with my contact info so we can stay in touch again. Glad you set your profile image because it instantly jogged my memory which has been failing me hard over the last few years 🙏 I've been meaning to get in touch with Tom again since I haven't seen him in years and I just went and saw Bruce a few days ago after not seeing him for over a year. Man, time flies and it's easy to disconnect from the world completely by accident.