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Bed prep for PLA and PETG


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I've got my ABS printing dialed in, on both smooth and Textured PEI, but I've been wanting to print with more PLA and PETG and wanted to get a sanity check.
Is glue stick enough of a release agent for PETG on smooth PEI, and do I even need glue stick for textured PEI? Is there a different bed material I should be using to avoid tearing up print surfaces?

I have issues getting PLA to stick to the PEI sheets, sometimes I can occasionally get it to stick on the smooth side, but never to the textured side. Apart from the wash with soap and water and clean with ISO is there a prep setting I'm missing?
I also had a bit trouble with PLA (and a lot with PETG) on the textured sheet. It only work in a very small margin of z height.

Now I have a smooth pei and PLA just works ™, same z offset as ABS with textured sheet. Holds like a bomb. Some smooth pei need to be "worked in" or made a bit rough with the green side of a sponge.

PETG and smooth PEI should work, but be careful. Start of with lower bed temps like 70C, use a release agent like Window cleaner with amonia and DON'T SQUISH it. I personally dislike glue stick 🤮But if you don't mind cleaning it, you can use that too.
I printed PETG on my Prusa mk3 for years on smooth pei. Never had a problem. Did not even need a release agent. But there are definitely cases out there where people bonded the PEI to the PETG print.