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Cable chain breaks for heater wire more frequent than other wires?


I just started my longest print yet and Klipper pulled the rug 3 hours in, for very good reason:



The other leg of the heater circuit broke in very nearly the same location about 6 months ago (but not that long ago in terms of print time):


It's 20 AWG and it feels like it's PTFE insulated. The jacket is hard/shiny and it's a pain to strip with just diagonal angle cutters. The markings don't appear to list what kind of insulation material it is. The wiring kit is part of West 3D's BOM in a box.

When the prior section failed, I replaced just the section inside this chain and with 18 AWG silicone insulat3ed wire and the repair appears to be holding up fine. No clue why the x-chain hasn't had any failures yet. This is the third failure I've had in this chain, but the first was an ABS insulated wire for the extruder that I've since swapped back to the z-chain with PTFE insulated wire.

I have a Rapido (2 now, RIP MK1), and its heater probably pulls a decent amount of current given how quickly it heats up. On the other hand, if the breaks were occurring because the wire is undersized I'm m not sure why it would only be braking in the same general area. Maybe I should put some flock (felt) tape inside the drag chain in this area to help with any potential friction?

The printer has ~745 hours on it.

Any guesses regarding what's going on or advice?


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Maybe the wire is a little too tight?

After my first, or maybe second break I switched to CAN bus then to USB bus. You can you cable chains for this but you can also remove the chains after going this route.