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can neopixel be set to always on


i am having lots of cable chain wire breakage and want to remove unnecessary wires like the neopixel data wire, can neopixel be set to always on without this wire?

alternatively, what drop in replacement led can i use?
Neopixels needs the data wire in order to work, so no, you can't remove it. If you want an always on LED, you'll need to replace the Neopixels with common LEDs, but then you lose the ability to change colors at will.
Hi, no, you cannot have neopixels without data cable. Those are addressable LEDs, and they require data signal to tell them which colors to light up, else they are dark without any input.

Maybe if you find white LED chips in the same format as WS2812/SK6812? But just powered by 5 or 24V and single light only. Alternatively there are Sequins, which are small LED boards available without RGB, but you may need a mount for those.

Also, if your wires break in chains, I'd rather address that. If one wire broke, chances are others may too. Is it a Formbot kit with their harness?
hi thanks for the reply. i will look for other led to run only on voltage.

yes this is a form bot kit, and yes many wires broke. i am in the middle of switching out the entire harness with 24awg silicon wire and 20awg silicon wire (heater tube) but the bundle has become massive!!
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Doesn't the Formbot kit come with the hartk toolhead PCB now? That will reduce wiring down to 16 wires total.
i do have the toolhead pcb, it helps but if there is a wire inside the chain it will break eventually.

my chain slack looking not soo good 😆


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It didn't register with me upon first read, PTFE or similar is the preferred insulation now. I wonder if that silicone insulation is creating a lot more bulk, that bundle does look unusually bulky. Even my PTFE harness eventually wore out (stepper motor wire which created odd behavior); the nice thing with the toolhead boards, is replacement harnesses are easier to source and swap out.