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CAN XT30+2 on SB2209

Hi team!
I am not sure how to deal with that XT30. I want to use the IGUS CF9, and that's not easy with this connector. The insulation on the CF9 is very heat-sensitive, so it melts while I am soldering it. The data pins— JST PHD or Hirose DF11, whatever they are—are also not easy to deal with. JST states the max wire gauge is AWG22. CF9 is 20AWG. I hope that with the JST WC-610M, it will be possible to overcrimp the 20AWG there.

However, it may be that a different approach is more sensible—to do a jumper with XT30, 2x18AWG FEP wires, and 2x22AWG on one side and MicroFit 3.0 on the other side. IMG_9860-smll.jpg
And remix that PG-7 gland to keep the MicroFit 2x2 Male in place properly.
What do you think? Or is there a better way to deal with SB XT30?