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Source for the Dupont2.0 pins on SB2040


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I'm making a custom harness for the Mellow Fly SB2040, and need a source for the crimp terminals for just the CANbus data lines.

The connector used for the power and data lines is an Amass XT30(2+2). I had ordered a set of 5 connectors from AliExpress, but due to bad crimpers (I have some PA-09s on the way now) burned through all of the pins.

Since I've got 4 spare sets of the connector housings for the XT30(2+2), I'd like to just get the pins. But I can't find them anywhere.

Dimensions of the male contact pins are 0.60 mm square, and they are spaced 2.00 mm. That's the dimensions of a JST PH, but this is most definitely NOT a JST PH. It looks like a shrunken Dupont style terminal, which I can find referenced only in a few places.

Here's some mechanical drawings lifted from the AliExpress listing for the XT30(2+2):

In the below images (sorry for the potato quality, these suckers are tiny), the XT30(2+2) mini female is on the left, and a JST PH female is on the right.


Courtesy of Boxxy, here's a listing for something that looks similar, but the vendor is out, and I'm not in Europe. See the BLMT-CT section at the bottom.


If anyone has a source for these pins, I'd appreciate it.