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Can someone help me understand "Event Delay" param for filament motion sensor


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I have had prints run fine over more than 24hrs.
Today I had a filament motion pause and was looking at my settings.

Two things I don't understand.

#event_delay: 3.0# The minimum amount of time in seconds to delay between events.# Events triggered during this time period will be silently# ignored. The default is 3 seconds.
I can see this for the filament switch sensor, but not for the motion sensor. What does it do for the motion sensor.
#2 detection_length: 7.0 # The minimum length of filament pulled through the sensor to trigger# a state change on the switch_pin# Default is 7 mm.
My BTT v2 sensor says 2.88mm of filament per pulse. I don't see how klipper knows about this value.
Here are my current settings:
[filament_motion_sensor SFS_MOTION]
detection_length: 15.00 ; This can be adjusted to your desired level of sensitivity. 10 is a recommended value to prevent flow dropoff false triggers.
extruder: extruder
switch_pin: ^PG10
pause_on_runout: True ; This can be set to false to debug false positives putting the sensor in "monitor mode". The printer will not pause but it will run the runout_gcode below.
event_delay: 10.0
pause_delay: 0.5
M117 Filament motion stopped!