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Cannot get Y idlers flush with end of extrusion


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Printer Model
Formbot V2.4 R2
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
I am building a 300mm formbot V2.4 R2 kit.

I am at the step where you attach the idlers to the Y axis. I cannot get the idler flush with the end of the extrusion because the T-nuts on the side with the linear rail hit the screw for the rail.

I verified I have the rail 25mm from the end of the extrusion on both ends. The extrusion is 400mm and the rail is 350mm.

I have the hole in the T-nut out towards the end of the extrusion.

Can anyone think of something I could have wrong or do I just make it fit by grinding off the T-nut or using a hammer head one instead?

I went back and watched Steve builds LDO V2.4 build and he said to skip the screw on the end of the rail because of this issue. So I will do that!