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Connect Deck Fans and Z Probe V+/- Directly to 24V PSU?


Is it safe to connect the deck fans (always on) and the Omron Z probe power directly to the 24V PSU? What are the things I should consider with such a configuration? The fans I bought are rated for 0.8A at 24V while the Meanwell 24V PSU is rated for 8.8A at 24V. Should I connect both fans to the same port on the PSU since the amps for each fan are so low? The Duet3 Mini 5+ I am using has insufficient fan ports and the IO port for the Z probe doesn't supply enough voltage. I think I'm good to just connect the Z probe input to the IO though.
Connecting the fans directly like that will certainly work, in the sense that it will keep things cool, and not catch fire or anything. But I'd consider whether it's really what you want... it means those fans are going to be running absolutely any time the power is on, and they're going to be running full out. At least if you're going to be running the stock fans, that's a significant noise footprint.
A fan that is running almost 1A at 24V is likely going to be LOUD. However, it will 100% work. The inductive probe certainly can be connected directly to the power supply as well.