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Couple of question re printing quantities

Printer Model
So, I'm just printing the parts for a Voron 0.1 and have come across two fSTL files which have confused me, one is HexNut_1515.stl and SquareNut_1515.stl. How many do I need of each of these? Also, I'm doing an LDO, or someone very kind is actually building it for me, how many of the Slide_In_Nut_Support.stl do I need? Should I just print loads of them?

I'm blind so the assembly manual doesn't really help me with this bit. All the other parts are labeled *2 etc, but these don't seem to have any guidance. I'd assume that I only need one of each nut, but can't be sure and then lots of the supports.


I would print atleast 100 of them. The BOM for the V0.2 says 140 M3 nuts are needed. I've never built an LDO kit but I'm just wrapping up a V0 build and didn't use any of those inserts. It may be a nice thing to have but they are not necessary.