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Doomy F0 Conversion


It's happening. It'll be awhile before this is done, but it's taking shape now, using a CAD derived from Finn's awesome work.



It's gonna look pretty different. Every single exterior part and panel will be different.

Almost completely different electronics, too! Z drives on the TOP, electronics on the top too.

No more Z chain.

For a sense of color, here's a Doomed Micron render:
I haven't decided whether I'll put orange on the outside or leave it only on the inside. If anyone has a lead on a metallic-orange-matching ABS, please LMK. That would be awesome to give it more pop, but the closest I've seen are metallic coppers that definitely don't match.


No more mezzanine below either. Wiring should be vastly cleaner:

Since I have the 350 mm "Micron Doom 180" extrusions, this is gonna be a tallboi, even though, in hindsight, the normal-length extrusions would have been fine. And since I don't feel like spending more $ on this with longer rails to make use of that space, probably gonna go with an updated railless Z design.

Dev discussion at #doomicron-dev on DoomCube discord, but I'll probably post more major updates here.