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Drogonfly hotend Assmbly


Printer Model
Voron 0.2
so I am building my very first Voron which is a 0.2. I got a kit from fysetc which came with a Dragonfly hotend. I think the Assembly manual diverts from what I have. I don't have a clue how to connect my tool head with the hotend and also keep using the so-called adaptor of the hotend.

Dragonfly Hotend

I believe on the Dragonfly BMO you have the red collar mount is a removeable adapter that isn't necessary. It's recommended to hard mount hotends in Voron printers.

After removing the Adapter you should see there are threaded holes on the top of the heat sink that will allow you to hard mount it

You need to make sure you have the appropriate hotend mount printed. It looks like you currently have the Phaetus Dragon installed. I think the screw pattern is the same but there could be a slight difference in other dimensions like the angle. It would be best to print and use the P-BMO mount. But you can maybe ask on the Discord V0 Questions channel if a Dragonfly BMO can use a Dragon mount without issue


After that you can pick up with the rest of the manual's instructions:

Hope this helps.

thank you for your answer, it does help. I actually have realized that it is possible to assemble the hot end, this was. My concern was if I couldn’t assemble it in a way that would allow me to keep the adapter in place. If I am not mistaken (By no means an expert), removing the adapter and inserting the PTFE tube would result in me not having an all metal hot end any more.
The PTFE only goes to the top of the Dragonfly heatsink, rather than inserting through it into the hot zone. If you used the Dragonfly with the adapter in place on e.g. a Prusa i3 MK3, you'd actually be inserting a longer piece of PTFE through the adapter as well.
You'll lose nothing; in fact, you'll gain much more rigid mounting in the MiniSB with the screws. In any case, there isn't (to my knowledge) a way to mount the Dragonfly in the MiniSB without first removing the adapter.