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Einsy Rambo Switchwire wiring harness


New member
I recently got a Prusa 3.9 upgrade and I'm looking to make a Switchwire with the replaced electronics. I'm wondering if there is a premade wiring harness for the Einsy Rambo? Would a StealthBurner PCB be a good Idea? And are there any partial Switchwire kits that would make sourcing easier, or will I need to do it myself?
I question if upgrading a Prusa MK3.9 to Switchwire is a good investment.
The MK3S is a good, robust printer to begin with, Prusa's asset is IMHO the interplay of the machine and the well-tuned profiles in Prusa Slicer.
And the Upgrade Kit is not cheap, you not only pay the hardware but also the good integration with the Slicer.
I doubt you will get gains in print quality (maybe some speed...)

So i would suggest to keep the MK3.9 as a reliable working horse and find another one like an ender for your switchwire project.