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Extruder / Hotend for "Switchwire-like" Build


So, before I build a larger Voron I would like to revive an old printer. It started out as a Anet A8, upgraded to the metal framed AM-8. I since scrapped the Anet MCU , power supply, Y carriage and heated bed, I purchased a Prusa style Y Carriage and heated bed for a Switchwire, A 350W 24V Meanwell power supply, and a Manta M5P MCU with HDMI touchscreen. Going to reuse the steppers and build it with the linear rods, for now. What I am stuck on is.... What Hotend and extruder? I could print and build a stock Prusa MK3S+ extruder with a V6 hotend. BUT I think they top out around 11mm^3 , and I am hoping a Switchwire can go a little faster than that, but ptrobably don't need 30mm^3 either.

Any suggestions?