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Fan problems after g2e


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Hey all, put the g2e in last night and when I was finished I went to start some calibrations.. but during the print_start I get this message “the value ‘Fan’ is not valid for FAN”
Had a look in the klippy log and it doesn’t really tell me much (that I can see anyway) hoping someone has any ideas?


  • klippy.txt
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heater_pin = PD13
sensor_type = ATC Semitec 104GT-2
sensor_pin = PF3
max_power = 1
control = pid
pid_kp = 22
pid_ki = 1.08
pid_kd = 114
min_temp = -80
max_temp = 115

[fan] <-----------------------
pin = ebb:gpio13
max_power = 1
kick_start_time = 1

[heater_fan Hotend]
pin = ebb:gpio14
max_power = 1
shutdown_speed = 1
heater = extruder
heater_temp = 50.0

I think this fan might need a description set. Try using


All sorted mate, was a problem with the print_start macro
As far as I’m aware.. [fan] can’t be changed? I stand to be corrected tho