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Tony Williams

New member
Can anyone help me as I have just finished a Voron 2.4 350 build. Can not get passed Error temperature sensor. Today a year’s work went up in smoke the hot end melted to just a pile of melted aluminium. The error message was out of range Maxc and min temp. I can still log in but a still keep getting sensor error. How can I tell if the board is oK

This is hard for an 80 year old man trying to learn . Can someone help
Hi Tony, sorry to hear about your unlucky printer turnup. Printer fires and melts are taken pretty seriously. Sensor error means that it is not reading temperature from thermistor, as it may be damaged. Do you have any photos of the error message you get, and the hotend?
What hardware do you use? Controller board and whether you have some toolhead PCB or CAN board.

Any chance you can join our Discord https://discord.gg/voron and open a help ticket there? It may be more interactive.
There's a channel called "Request_help" where you can open a help ticket. https://discord.com/channels/460117602945990666/678316296336572433 is the direct link to help channel.