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Filament battles - What is your experience with Flashforge ASA?


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Flashforge ASA purchased through Amazon HERE. I almost sent it back. I have never printed with ASA before. The Flashforge packaging doesn't give much info on settings, other than temperature suggestions. I had a hard time with it not sticking the first layer. More so than any other filament I have used. I was about to give up and I finally came up with a combination that allowed it to stick to the bedplate. Now, that I have it adhering I am very pleased with the results of the finished parts. My combination includes lowering the Z start height by -0.05 and increasing first layer flow to 115%. Temps are 250° C hotend and 110° C bedplate. This is using a 0.4mm nozzle.

I had 50% fan on. I have read where others run with 0% fan. That might be a better choice and I will try this with future prints.
I am having great results with Flashforge Black ASA, using both smooth PEI (wet sanded with 400 grit wet or dry, so not completely smooth) and also glass with a light coating of hairspray. 260C HE, 100C HB. I find that you need to smoosh down that first layer to get it to stick properly, but not so flat that the nozzle picks up filament from the previous loop. I have a nozzle cam so it's hard to describe what to look for but the first layer should lay down flat.
Oh, and no fan. 0% fan, it's not needed. Let the part cool down completely before removal to avoid warpage.