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Solved First time build 2.4 using 2.4 kit cant home


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Siboor voron 2.4 r2 aug
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Clockwork 2
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Hey, guys. I just finally assembled my 2.4 kit from siboor using the aug variant.
Ive corrected the stepper directions in klipper but it shows z and x are always triggered when pressed or not. Z has an induction probe and x has a limit switch on the carriage.
No matter what i do, x and z are triggered when i query endstops.
one thing ive noticed is that both of these go through the canbus board. While everything else seems to be working like temp, hotend and RGB, i cant help but think this is a setting or something simple.
Any help would be appreciated.
What kind of a voron has the z endstop (not z probe! Those are not interchangeable!) Attached to the canbus board?

But beyond that, it sounds like you're probably on the right track...

What are those two endstop_pins set to?
Ok so i found the issue and it was all user error. i needed to pull up the x switch input with the ^. The cartographer probe needs its own calibration setup for first time use. actually like it very much.
my pi came with klipper preinstalled and ive had to change the config but once i set up the canbus stuff, installed the 'driver' for the cartographer, it had a macro setup for setting up the probe by calibrating it.
i followed the directions here
ive used induction probes before and they werent very consistent but this eddy current sensor is .01 mm tolerance when leveling. very happy with it so far.
i might want to make a video on all the differences with the voron 2.4 aug kit from siboor since that seems to be the difference between the older cable chain variants that ive heard about in the past.