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Fixed Klicky Probe Z climbing, Added new variable & extra probe check macro!


Fixed the climbing Z homing thing if axes are already homed & printer is XYZ homed again. This may cause the machine to top out if the toolhead is near max height. It's also not that great to see it do it low down either tbh. System is set to raise Z once only if below safe_z height otherwise normal homing will result.

Added new variable for homing Z where it allows you to back off the Y axis after Z homing for use with sensorless homing systems where the axis will need some travel room to home, especially if the machine is restarted with the toolhead directly above the Z endstop switch at the very back of the printer. Voron 2.4.

Added a new Macro that checks for probe condition before homing after print error & axes are still enabled when used with conditional homing.

To view changes in files either use diff or search 3dpd.

Also see probe check macro in 3dpd release v1.0.0 in my fork

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