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Formbot 0.2 Kit Rail Problem?


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Hi all,
some users here have built a Voron 0.2 with the Formbot Kit. I've had these kits for a few days and have a question for you.
There are 5 rails, one labeled with "Z1 preload for X axis". This Z1 Rails runs very badly for me compared to the others.
A small clip about the rail : preloaded Z1 Rail
I complained about this rail to Formbot, they say it has to be like this!
What about with you? Do all rails run equally well/badly or are there differences?
The link is a video of how mine looks.

Thanks and regards
The x-rail likely has a higher "pre-load" on it. This is not uncommon, there are other vendors (LDO, etc.) who also supply a rail with higher pre-load for the x axis. It will feel rougher than the others until broken-in. Ensure you follow the same degreasing and lubrication procedure with it as you did with your other rails.

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