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Formbot Voron 2.4 R2 Pro 300 Dragon SF just finished and working


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Today first "real" test print after full calibration and setup.

I love the design.
Regarding the kit and what went maybe not problematic but the issues needed time in resolving:
1. Electrical connections. I built without CAN and full information was spread over Voron docs, Formbot docs and general googling. Things like fiament sensor, tap, stealthburner leds, powering btt pi 1.2, XY endswitches, LED chaber light, TAP to motherboard, motherboard specifics and pins all were a subject to carefull inspect, changes and checks. FInally works but lack of "gathered" info regarding this particular kit version took extra days. My kit was a bit different as recent documentation prepared for previous kit. For the elec devices layout I followed Formbot exaple with some mods (no space for AC split unit so done on connections.
2. Material flaws. Stock fans are extremely loud. I replaced them after the very first start. Now it is reasonably silent. ADXL345 had a faulty chip. Formbot sent me another one (which is great) however I bought another one from BTT and finally got it working. Input shaper done. Build plate needs soap cleaning, maybe sanding too, PLA sticks very badly, had to increase bed temp to 70 (weird) I ordered the table suggested in Voron sourcing rcmd. The rest is very OK IMO.

General lack of ready macros was a big surpise (this is my firs time with Klipper) I really do not see any reason to not to have decent filament replacement macros ready for "standard" Voron 2.4
Had to dig for "missing" and "unavailable" and to get something at first. It should be a standard IMHO. I will do it, but the time I will spend is a bit of nonsense. I want a functionality like in MK4.

I have Dragon SF and I regret not to get Dragon HF. If it can print on 300mm/s I would prefer it. The quality of the first print is unbeatable.

Ellis setup page is awesome. After a years in 3Dprinting I learned a lot. Many thanks. It works. Take time but it is worth it.

I want to thank all in Voron Design to have a possibility of this experience.


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