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Fume extraction quick-connect couplers for Voron Zero and 2.4


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Hi all,

I recently moved my printers to a basement area, and along with that move also sought to address fumes for a number of activities (resin printers, airbrushing, soldering, styrene from ABS etc). I created a few modifications for Voron 0 and Voron 2.4, that allow me to use magnetic quick-disconnect couplers and 2.5" flexible dust collection hose system that vents any undesirable fumes outsides with a cheap inline fan. The inline fan is controlled from my home automation system whenever one of my printers is printing according to moonraker status. I thought some people here might be interested in such a thing as well.

Links to the designs:

My attachment to the back of my Voron 2.4. This adapter bolts on top of the 60mm fan instead of the fan guard, so the chamber cooling still works.

And the back of my Voron 0.1. You can see the little 50mm fan inside the connector which i use to actively cool the chamber if needed (as on a Voron 2.4):

top view:
And how it is connected with the magnetic and twist-lock couplers i use:
voron-v0-rear connection.jpeg

An overview of my setup (voron's are a little to the left of this picture):

Hope this is is of use to anybody!