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Heated bed is wobbly, is this normal? [video]


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Printer Model
Voron v0.1
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Hey community, I have a Voron 0.1 which I love, however I noticed the bed is not sturdy and moves considerably if I push or pull the left/right side of the bed.

Not that I like to do that but that seems to be the reason that it gets out of calibration every now and then.

My questions are:
1- is this normal and happens to other too? 🤔
2- What could be reason behind it and how can I minimize OR fix it?

Thanks :)

Hey there, thanks for your comment.

How many printing hours has your machine accrued?

Total print time is : 184h 42m 55s

this is a Form Bot kit V0.1 that I built about 2 years ago.
Honestly I am not sure bed was this loose from the beginning or happened over time and I just noticed it recently 🤷‍♂️

I feel maybe something wrong with the Anti-Backlash Nut? but not sure really what could be main reason behind it.
I feel maybe something wrong with the Anti-Backlash Nut?
So after only 50 hours on my LDO kit, I found that my Z threaded rod had completely destroyed the threads on my anti-backlash nut, to the point where my bed would actually fall to the bottom. This was kinda shocking to me, especially considering the LDO threaded rods are PTFE-coated...

I know it's not particularly fun, but might be worth a partial disassembly to check out those threads, as well as anything else that might be loose.
What we see is a typical deformable parallelogram. Retighten everything between the two linear rails carriages. In particular the eight M2 screws.
The leadscrew has nothing to do with this.