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I did chamber heating tests with a Nevermore and Elis bed heating fans to see how fast different setups heated up the chamber. Results inside.


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I wasn't sure which board was more appropriate for this. Would this be better in the User Mods board? My testing is fairly specific to the 2.4.

I installed a Nevermore V5 Duo V2 (Normal sized) and 2 bed fans using the Elis bed fan mount for air filtering and speeding up the chamber heat up times. But how much did it really help? Since I apparently have too much time on my hands and nothing to print at the moment, I tested various combinations of these configurations to see how fast it heated up the chamber.

Here is my setup:


Voron 2.4r2 built from a formbot kit (now with many mods)

2x bed fans

The fans in the Nevermore and the bed fans are all GDSTIME 5015 12V GDB5015.

My chamber thermistor is sitting in a modified Z_chain_guide stl which has a slot for a thermistor to sit in it. This means my chamber temperature readings are being taken from the rear the chamber, at whatever height I have my Z set at. For these tests I picked somewhere near the middle at 175mm. Is this the best place to take readings from for this test? Who knows. I figured somewhere near the middle was close enough for what I was trying to accomplish.

I have my home assistant instance taking data from Moonraker, logging that into InfluxDB and graphing with Grafana.

I was not able to get the exact same start temperature the entire time, but kept it within a few degrees, so not a completely scientific test but I feel close enough to draw conclusions.

The bed is running at 110C I used the fan configs in the Elis bed fan github to control the fans. For the Nevermore during bed heating it runs the fans at 40% and then 100% when the bed reaches 110C. For the bed fans it runs the fans at 20% during bed heating, then at 60% when it reaches 110C

Ambient temperature in the room stayed about 1 degree from the what it started it when I began doing testing. Between 15C and 16C.

Here are the results:

To start I did tests with neither the Nevermore nor the bed fans running:

Test 1:

No fans running. No Exhaust fun running. Chamber being heated by the bed alone.

32 minutes from start till 30C
34.2C after 1 hour


Test 2:

Only exhaust fan running. Ran from the beginning of the test at 100% and the entire time.

47 minutes start to 30C
31.2C after 1 hour


Here is where I started using the Nevermore and bed fans.

Test 3:

Nevermore only. Using the fan curve I listed above

22 minutes start till 30C
38.3C after 1 hour


Test 4:

Nevermore with exhaust fan running.

26 minutes start till 30C
35.2C after 1 hour


Test 5:

Nevermore and bed fans using fan curve listed above.

30C after 19 Minutes
43.2C after 1 hour


Test 6:

Nevermore, bed fans, and exhaust fan running.

30C after 19 - 20 minutes
40.1C after 1 hour


So what conclusions can we draw from this? 1. Don't run your exhaust fan during your heatsoak sequence, every single configuration it increased warmup times, though with both the Nevermore and the bed fans running it wasn't enough to make a real difference. 2. A Nevermore alone helps noticeable with heatup times, but a couple bed fans will help a little more.

Things I should have tested but didn't: Running the test with just the hotend fan running and nothing else to see how much that helped with heating the chamber. However for this to really be efficient, I would need the hotend down low to the bed to help push more hot air around, thus lowering my z, thus invaliding comparing that to the other tests (since my chamber thermistor is in z chain guide, which is attached to the rear gantry). Readings from lower to the bed are going to be much higher than at 175mm.

The other thing I don't feel great about is that the Nevermore pulls air from the rear, under the bed, and pushes it up the front. The bed fans pull air from the front, and push it under the bed towards the back. I feel like this is cycling more air around the bottom of the chamber and not pushing it around the whole chamber as efficiently. Ideally I should mount the bed fans somewhere near the back so they are also pushing from the back to the front, however I have a decontaminator bucket one one side of the rear and I haven't thought of a good way to set this up yet.
I have nevermore and just about to add the bed fans after I do a switch to CAN bus. Thanks for the data.
I just have the Nevermore running and was considering this mod. Thanks for the data and the time and effort to put it together.