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Help with KlipperScreen


Printer Model
Voron 2.4 350mm
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
Cooling Type
Hi All,

I've got a BTT TFT43 screen on my 2.4 and this morning I installed Klipperscreen using Kaiuh
Everything seemed to go to plan, but my screen just still shows all the pi stuff like it did before.
I have tried following the troubleshooting but there are also no klipperscreen log files showing up in Mainsail
Any thoughts on how to diagnose this?
Have you gone through the KlipperScreen troubleshooting docs? I mean, sure, the first point is "get the log file", but that's immediately followed by "if there is no log file, capture these other logs instead"
I did read that yes, but it is written for someone who knows what all that means, which I do not. For someone like me, unfortunately it's not enough to get me going.
I think I need to do this:

"if you can't find it in the web interface, use sftp to grab the log (for example Filezilla, WinSCP) Located at ~/printer_data/logsor in /tmp/ if the former doesn't exist.
If KlipperScreen.log doesn't exist open a terminal in the host (typically from SSH) and copy all the relevant logs to the folder described above that can be seen and copied from the webui:

systemctl status KlipperScreen > ~/printer_data/logs/KliperScreen_systemctl.log
journalctl -xe -u KlipperScreen > ~/printer_data/logs/KliperScreen_journalctl.log
cp /var/log/Xorg.0.log ~/printer_data/logs/KliperScreen_Xorg.log"

but I am not sure how. I'm sure for someone who does this all the time it would be a breeze, but not for me.
Well, I assume you know how to ssh in, right? You can't get this far in the setup without having done that. (Aka, logging in with putty?)

So do that again, then copy paste those 3 commands into putty (paste is just a right click in putty, if you weren't aware)

Once you do that, go to mainsail, to the machine tab, and use the drop down at the top to switch to "logs".

You should see the 3 newly created "klipperscreen" files, and be able to read them or download them or whatever