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how to configure sensorless homing homing_override macros?


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I use Tap and sensorless homing. I implemented the homing_override like stated in the documentation for sensorless homing but I can't get Tap to home z in the middle of the build plate. How can I do that?

axes: xyz
{% set home_all = 'X' not in params and 'Y' not in params and 'Z' not in params %}

{% if home_all or 'X' in params %}
{% endif %}

{% if home_all or 'Y' in params %}
{% endif %}

{% if home_all or 'Z' in params %}
G28 Z
G1 Z10
{% endif %}

If I add G0 or G1 to the Z section it always states "must home axes first" :(

Typically... you'd just want to tell the printer to move to a specific set of X/Y coordinates (G0) prior to homing z (G28 Z).

A snip from a previous [homing_override] on my v2 300:

G0 X150 Y150 F6600 G28 Z
It is probably because you have a mesh active and moving in X and Y would need the Z axis to move then. Add a BED_MESH_CLEAR before the G0 and it should work.