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How to power Pi 3 from Octopus board


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The LDO instructions say to use the cable they supply, but it only has 2 pins on it. The Pi 3 doesnt have the socket for these pins and only has a USB C power port. Is there some sort adaptor thats supposed to be used with it or should there be another cable?

All Raspberry Pi boards have GPIO pins that can be used for many tasks, including powering it. You will want to use the pins for +5V and Ground to power your Pi, you can check the pinout here: https://pinout.xyz/
Thanks. That link shows 2 red pins as 5v, is that 5v in? I know you can take 5v out as I have a fan running on one, didnt know you could put it in too.
The correct answer for the ldo kit, is that you should be using the input shaper board. it has screw terminals for those two wires you speak of. But yes. it does ultimately feed power in through the gpio 5v pins.