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Solved Klicky dock issue


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Question, got my klicky all printed up and mounted and went to setup the home location for the dock only to realize that my dock sits ~3-4mm too low for the probe when attached to the toolhead. The directions for the toolhead where to make sure the probe was pushed as high up as possible. Should I simply pull the probe down a little to make it work or do you think the print is off somehow? I checked the squareness of the dock with a set of machinist squares and it checks out perfectly.

Anything else to check? Any better ideas on how to fix it? Need this to work out until TAP kits are available again and hate after the time I've invested on returning to my conductive probe. Thanks for the help/idea/or whatever you got!
So the mount attached to the toolhead sits a little too high? Assuming nothing is obviously wrong otherwise I would pull it down to match.
Thanks @120decibell, that was going to be the next thing I tried. The mount attached to the toolhead was pushed up high enough the bottom flange say flush with the bottom of the toolhead. When I checked my second print of the dock it was exactly the same as the first, here's the picture from the original.


The reprinted dock was fitting the exact same way - so what I did was set the inserts in just a hair off straight and put pressure on the top side of the dock in the gantry to make it sit a little crooked in there as well and got it to work out without adjusting the sensor portion in the head. (I also correct my stealthburner not being tightened heh). All up and working great now! Been scratching my head for a few days over this while I was waiting on my replacement LGX stepper. Really didn't want to reverse all the work I had done to get to this point.

Today I ordered a TAP kit as well - so after all this......well you know how it goes. Thanks again for the help it's very much appreciated!!