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Klipper/Moonraker/Fluiddpi issues. Not sure.


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I moved recently, and haven't used the voron for months. I have klipper screen and updated the wifi from there, but i'm assuming I can't connect to the printer as moonraker isn't updated with the new wifi.
FYI same wifi network id and same password, just a different router.

Now the issue is I cannot SSH into my pi using the correct IP address and password.
Putty isn't working network error, connection timed out.
WinSCP isn't connecting either.

What is the best way to update my user name and password such that i can ssh into the pi and update via KIAUH?

Need some ideas at this point or options.
There are several possibilities, but specifics depend on your exact condig (it's not moonraker that cares about wifi config, it's the underlying Linux os).

Likely candidates:
  • Temporary wired connection, run sudo raspi-config
  • Hdmi screen & keyboard (needs a micro hdmi adapter if it's a pi4), run sudo raspi-config
  • Klipperscreen
  • Editing a config file on the sdcard (this one really depends exactly what os you're using, but most offer something)