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LDO 0.2-S1 kit Flashing Picobilical CB


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Hi all, New to Voron and Klipper and just coming to the close of my first build. The LDO 0.2 S1 (R1 compatible).

More curious than anything but also want to make sure I'm not missing something in the configuration process when making the firmware. I notice that the instructions for configuring and making the firmware for the Picobilical CB is the same as for the BTT-Pico main board. Does that mean I can use the same binary to flash to both control boards? Do I really have to go through the same make process two separate times?

The process is basically the same. You do have to flash each controller. Follow LDO's instructions and you will be fine. I recently build that same kit & it was my first experience with having to flash multiple controllers. I went by their documentation and everything fired up fine.
Thanks. Yes, I already got things flashed and working. Just going through some of the first start up tests now. Mostly I was just curious. The second make just seemed a bit redundent - not that it takes all that much time to do it a second time.
Yeah, the same binary can be flashed to both. Once you have Klipper installed, you can just use "make flash FLASH_DEVICE=/dev/serial/by-id/..." to update each board in the future, without needing to boot into DFU or bootloader modes with a jumper or by holding down buttons. If course if you install a display in the future, that might use a different processor so you'd have to reconfigure and flash it with a different binary.