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Solved No 5V Out of Picobilical Frame PCB


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LDO V0.2
I just got the LDO V0.2 wired up and ran into a brick wall. I am getting no 5V power out of the Picobilical Fram PCB. Has anyone else run into this?

The SKR Pico is getting 24V. The outputs for the wire to the picobilical is getting 24V and I see 24V at the input end on the picobilical board. I have nothing coming out of the 5V outputs for the Pi. Am I missing something, or is this possibly a bad board? There have been no sparks or magic smoke released.

It's wired up exactly like the LDO docs show. The only difference is I'm using a Pi 3B, but the GPIO blocks are the same across all Pis, so that won't be an issue unless I'm missing something.

Edit: I realized this probably should be in the Electronics forum.
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For the moment I checked the V0 docs and built a quick jumper from the SKR Pico to the LDO power hat board. The Pi is now running and installing Klipper via KIAUH. I'll check the Picobilical board once the basics are set up.
Figured it out, and it was dumb. I managed to get the board into DFU mode and flashed, then got a serial ID. After that I couldn't get anything out of it again. After taking a break and having a think, I tried the USB to PC method, but never got it to show a removable drive. While pulling the USB I noticed the 24V leads moved--which they shouldn't have. So I re-checked those again and made certain both the 24V and 5V leads were good and secure. For some reason that wasn't as straightforward on this board as others. Now that those are properly secured, the Picobilical board is receiving 24V and is sending 5V to the Pi. I have two serial IDs as expected. So I can move on.

The moral of this is make darn sure your power leads really are secure. Then check again, because they may be fooling you.