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LDO PEI Build Plates and ASA


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So... Long Story Short I made the switch from FysTec to LDO Powder Coated PEI Build Plates and Boi ( God of War™ ) does ASA stick to it... WAY too good to the point where I've now spent the better of an hour removing an aborted 1 Layer Print because the first Layer wasn't going down nicely ( solved it by shoving the Plate into the Shock Freezer for like 30min and then went ham against the brittle Plastic with a Scraper )

I must either have been using a terrible Batch of FysTec Build Plates all this time or LDO went totally overboard with whatever they put on theirs considering the difference in hold down force...
So anyway... 😑 What does everyone usually do in a situation like that to reduce how well Plastic sticks to the Build Plate? 🤨
Yea... Not a big fan of the mess that comes along with using Glue Stick... As an alternative solution I found out via some trial and error that reducing the Heat Bed Temperature seems to work wonders with my issue. In the case of the Fiberlogy ASA Filament I had to reduce it by up to 20°C to get back to more reasonable sticking values 🤔🤨