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LDO Voron0-S1 Kit Relase


Today, we are proud to present the next evolution to our V0 kits: V0-S1. Since our initial release of the Voron 0.1 kit back in 2021, our team has constantly been making small improvements to the V0.1 kit. With V0-S1, we are introducing a slew of major upgrades and quality of life improvements.

The theme of V0-S1 is Convenience and Maintainability and Moddability. The main features are:
  • Slide-in M3 nuts
  • Kirigami Bed Mount
  • Polyimide Film Heaters
  • 200W Power Supply
  • Picobilical
  • E3D Revo™ Hotend
  • HIWIN linear rails for X axis
  • SKR Pico board (LDO Edition)
  • V0-S1-Major-Features.png
  • LDO-VOS1_2.jpg
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Hey Jason - what a great upgrade! Will the picobilical be available for sale separately from the kit? Also, what kind of homing/bed mesh was going on in that video? Sensorless?