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Leagacy 61 is born

Jon MW

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So it's finally time to get started on my Leagacy build. IIt will be build using a mix of old left over parts and some new ones. I've had pretty much all the parts sitting since the summer just waiting for some time to get it build, now I have two weeks off work so that should be plenty time to get it done. It will be mostly stock, except for the electronics and the frame will be a bit taller so I can put some panels on it.


Yes that is a RAMPS, since this is a Leagacy I thought going with some old school electronics was fitting.


The filaments are Filamentum Vertigo grey ASA and Turquoise green ABS.
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The build is going pretty well, two evenings of work and it's pretty much together. Started off with the frame and then the z-axis.


Next was the y-axis and then the x-axis. I have to say that the motion system feels a lot stiffer then I was expecting.



And finally adding the toolhead. To start with I'm using the Afterburner with a V6 and bowden.


Now I need to build the extruder and attache the electronics and start with the wiring.
The Legacy is so good! Thanks for posting. Can’t wait to see how it ends up.
This build is going way slower then I wanted. I had to redo the electronics box a couple of times as the ABS kept warping and I had som problems fitting everything in there. I ended up printing it in add.North Glitz Grey PETG, which is an almost perfect match for the Filamentum Vertigo Grey ASA. I printed the hex pattern in the green ABS and super glued it on.



Also got the screen attached, still need to print a knob for it and I'm missing one connector so I can't make wires for it right now.


Working on the wiring now and then it's getting klipper on the ramps.
Time for an update on this. I spent more then a day trying to flash klipper on the RAMPS. But for some reason that RAMPS and that Pi didn't work together, the RAMPS worked with another Pi and the Pi worked with other boards. So I swapped to a different Pi from another printer and got it working. At first using A4988s, and it worked pretty well only problem it was a bit loud and didn't want to go above 200mm/s without screaming like crazy. So I ended up switching in two 2209s for A and B.


Now I built this mainly to get a Legacy serial to go with all the other ones, and I had a lot of the parts so it didn't cost too much. The plan was to just build it and put it in storage as a backup since I don't have space for more printers at the moment. But this printed way better then I expected, it was a long time ago I had printers with rods and this is a lot stiffer then any printer with rods I've had before. The only thing that I felt kept it back was the bowden and the pressure advance. So I actually swapped to a clockwork extruder and retuned input shaper and pressure advance and this thing prints really nice. So I'll keep this here and put one of the SW in storage as a spare.




So this is now Voron Legacy 61