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Solved Looking for proper STLs for LRS-350-24 power supply DIN rail mounts


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I'm likely missing something obvious, but I can't seem to find the STLs for the brackets to mount a Mean Well LRS-350-24 power supply. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated!
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Thanks, but that was the first place I looked. I can't seem to figure out how it should attach to the PSU? Manual shows screw holes through the entire bracket. PSU has m3 female mounts spaced 50mm apart. How do I get a screw through that piece? See attached images.


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I wish I had the STEP files for those. The single mount on the 5v PSU allows it to flop around like a wet noodle. Ok, maybe not that bad but I would like to make it wider for better support. I supposed I could just draw it up in SW.