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Hello everyone,
after updating klipper I got this error,
not being very experienced with klipper I was wondering if there was anyone able to help me with some guidance or advice.

thanks to all


  • Screenshot 2024-01-22 220703.png
    Screenshot 2024-01-22 220703.png
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Klipper's latest update was a "major" version including changes to the firmware, so you will need to re-flash all your MCU's per the message you are seeing.

Simply following your EBB guide will fix the EBB,
Your MCU will be your mainboard, depending on what this is will determine on a suitable guide
the RPI uses the linux mcu, so the instructions are here : > https://www.klipper3d.org/RPi_microcontroller.html#building-the-micro-controller-code
Klipper lists all MCUs which are not up to date. You will need to update mainly MCUs which have and use accelerometer because of the change in communication protocol from those sensors. In your case it's EBB and Pi. After that, error messages disappear.

Another option is to comment out ADXL section in your config. But that means you will not be able to use accelerometer on those devices.