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MCU Shutdown: ‘Timer too close”


New member
Hello. I‘ve been having an MCU ’mcu’ shutdown: timer too close error on my new Salad Fork (mini-Trident) build. I am using an EBB36 and a Manta M5P. X and Y home just fine, but any z-movement causes a shutdown. Calibrating Input shaper on X and Y also causes a shutdown. I have tried all solutions I’ve found online, including recrimping the CAN cable, reinstalling klipper, setting CAN speed to 1,000,000, adding/removing 120 ohm resistors, changing motor positions, and numerous other things. Any help to solve this issue would be appreciated.

No experience of CAN yet, but I'm getting ready for an EBB36 install on a V0 (because why not?) and it looks like this is a fairly common thing. Sorry it's not much help, but there's a few things to check out that might get you a bit closer to a solution?