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Mgn9 rail


New member
Having issues with my tap install, I was getting good accuracy results in the beginning but then noticed some printing errors. I noticed the head had movement side to side. I voynd the bolts holding the 50mm rail had worked loose, tightened them back up then after a couple of prints it was loose again. I thought the inserts were pulling through but they were good, again retightened but now loose again. Has any body else had issues like this or is it just me
I haven't had any issues with TAP on my 2.4 or Trident, but I did use a small drop of blue loctite on the screws holding that rail in. You might want to add some if you haven't, or reapply if you did.

One other thing: make sure you installed the heatset insert in correctly. They are specifically called out in the manual (page 23-24) as being installed a different way than you might think.
Hi, have just looked at the manual again just to make sure I didn't mess up as it certainly wouldn't be the first time 😄 but all looks good good shout about the thread lock I will give that a go .. Thanks