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Question Motor noise/vibration/resonances? Help.


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Printer Model
Voron 2.4r2
Extruder Type
Clockwork 2
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Hello, I’m new here. This is my first post.
I finally treated myself to a Voron 2.4r2 Pro from Formbot, along with the Chaoticlabs CNC Parts and CNC Tap.
Building it took a while, but I made it and it has already printed a bit. However, there’s one thing that bothers me. On diagonal movements, only stepper A or B moves. At around 150mm/s and above, it makes a horrendous sound. I made a video so you can listen for yourself. When both steppers are moving, doing X or Y movements, it stays quiet.

I have already done the following:
  • Made sure the gantry is square
  • Looked for loose parts, also took off all panels
  • Tried a stepper motor dampener
  • Changed stepper motors from “MOONS MS17HD6P44201-04, 2A” to “E3D High Torque, 1.68A”, which I had lying around
  • Fiddled around with stepper currents, microsteps, interpolation, spread cycle, and stealth chop
  • Played around with belt tensions
  • Cleaned and lubed all rails
I’m running out of ideas. Hopefully, someone can help me.

I tried attaching a zip file containing the klippy.log and the video, but it says even the klippy.log is too large. I will provide a Google Drive link for the .zip file. I hope that’s okay.
Try and change stealtchop to 0 and see if this fixes the issue.

[tmc2209 stepper_x]
stealthchop_threshold: 0

[tmc2209 stepper_y]
stealthchop_threshold: 0

Im having the same issue , and tried too look at what people have done to remove this noise when it is set to: stealthchop_threshold: 99999

Downside is less torque/accell. But so far mine is running ok with 4000acc and 300m/s.
Thanks for the answer, I’m surprised it indeed worked, the noise is gone, I could swear I tried it before with no success.

I did further testing and found out using stepper dampeners, or simple rubber washers did nothing.
When I changed to the E3D High Torque Motors, all movements, X Y and diagonals made the sounds at lower speeds, around 100mm/s, while the MOONS Motors made the noise at 150 diagonals and 250mm/s on X or Y movements. When turning off the Motors and moving the printhead with my hand as fast as I can, everything sounds fine.

This indicates that the source of the sounds is coming from the Motors, not from the gantry or the Rails.
Why turning off Stealthchop has such impact on this issue I don’t understand. Maybe Stealthchop causes frequencies in the Motors that resonate with the gantry?

Anyways, thank you very much :)
Any tips and tricks I could try to further turn down printer noises? Stepper Motor recommendations?