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Question Multiple Toolhead CAN


New member
I am working on a Voron Trident build and would like to get multiple toolheads talking through CAN. I have read that the "first" and "last" boards in the chain have to have the 120 ohm termination resistors. However, I can't see any examples related to 3DP that show toolheads tied together. I do see that the BTT EBB42 toolhead boards do have a label for a "120R" which makes me believe these are already terminated. Does anyone have an example of how to connect multiple CAN toolhead boards? Do I need a separate USB-to-CAN for each? (BTT U2C) Currently I am trying to get just 2 extruders, but my goal is 3 total. Any help would be appreciated.

My hardware:
  • LDO Voron Trident Kit
  • BTT Octopus 1.1
  • Raspberry Pi 4B, 4GB
  • BTT U2C V2.1 (USB to CAN board)
  • BTT EBB42 CAN V1.2 (Toolhead board) x2
I found some info. Quick and easy answer for typical 3D printing applications: If you have the U2C board and 3 toolheads, just put the jumper on 2 of the 3 devices and make sure all the CAN High and CAN Lows are connected. For more details check out Old Guy Melts Plastic's videos: