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My questions to demystify Voron (2.4)


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Voron 2.4
As I search for information to fully understand Voron, its concepts and variants, I end up with questions.
I've only one question right now but more will follow...

My premise for asking a series of questions in one thread is simple, all my questions relate to demystifying Voron for people new to it.
BTW, I'm not building my Voron because I need it, I already have three printers, I'm building it because it's so well engineered and look beautiful...
I'm a retired Electronics Engineer, what else would I do...

Question: (Related to CAN Boards)
  1. It look like adding a CAN Tool-board removes the need for many of the wires connecting the hot-end to the main board with many advantages right?
  2. It also look like there are different CAN boards, is this due to revisions or down to individual suppliers?
  3. The voltage for the fans can be set on all CAN boards?
Question 2: (Related to TBA)
1. yes, 4 wires total. its great
2. different form factors, like an EBB36 for a pancake motor, or an EBB42 for square, etc. theres also different manufacturers, but in general for form factors are the same
3. not on all. the mellow can to a degree, but it has its own issues. generally you can make 24 or 5v fans work fine. those voltages are at the toolhead.
Just realized there are two options, by default its the Toolhead PCB's, or optional Can Bus PCB's.
In either case, a corresponding board is required for Mainboard connection (Breakout PCB / USB to Can Bus PCB).
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Rather than hijack another thread, I will add questions here and hope someone replies...

Question relates to Orbiter 2.0, Afterburner, CW2...
  • What exactly do I need to install my Orbiter 2.0?
  • Does clockwork 2 (CW2) refer to the parts required to add an Orbiter type motor?
  • Is Afterburner the way to go as I mainly print PLA and require good cooling? (I'm more concerned with quality over speed but a little extra speed would be nice)..

The number of options is often very confusing...
There is no way to install an orbiter on a stock toolhead.

Galileo2 is an orbiter-like design that does fit.

cw2 is....itself. Its an extruder made by voron design (and the stock extruder for stealthburner toolheads)

Afterburner isn't the stock toolhead anymore. Stealthburner took its place a while ago. I'm not aware of anybody preferring afterburner any more (are you watching some old videos perhaps?)

You should almost certainly build stealthburner.
That was extremely helpful thank you, I'm looking at old and new videos and being confused as I go

I may have messed up the 3rd question, I intended to build stealthburner (assume its the one where the front cover is one piece), not sure about naming conventions yet.
Things may become clearer when I get the kit, in the mean time, I'm just trying to get my head around all the individual parts and variations.

The tool-head is proving to be a bit of a challenge (allowing for all the mod options), and my options are; CAN Bus, Orbiter and Tap...

I'm going to build the Stealthburner version... (y)

Just ordered Stealthburner – Orbiter 2.0 parts in ASA from layerguru :giggle:
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I had to comment...

Just receiver Stealthburner + Orbiter 2.0 printed parts from LayerGuru, I was blow away with the Superb Quality of the prints, they look like injection molded parts... a bit pricey but money well spent. Mike
My 3DJake order arrived today, included the LDO Voron 2.4 kit, the Chaoticlab's aluminum parts kit, tap and tool-free tensioners.
After a not so quick unboxing, and a quick inspection of everything, I was very pleased with the quality, everything was fabulous, flawless, pristine...

Now I have a top of cardboard to recycle and a few videos to re-visit...