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Need some help with a BTT Octopus and trying to use tmc2209 drivers with sensorless homing.


New member
…This is a new build and i have been having a few problems, and now with the sensorles homing.
ive done ( i think ) everything in the printercfg, and the jumpers for the diag pin. i have checked and double checked all the wiring,jumpers and config.
now when i try to home just the Y, the Z moves 10 mm down and then i get this error in the console “Unable to read tmc uart ‘stepper_Y’ register IFCNT” i have had a look on a few diffrent forums but havent found anything that has worked.
i have also swapped drivers from the z steppers to see if that changed anything because the z steppers atleast moved
but that did not make a diffrence. any one here had the same problem and can maybe point me in the right direction.
have uploaded the latest printercfg.


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