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Obs... Should have watched

Mike Eitel

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voron 2,4 R2
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I think I was a bit to confident that my adapted makros print_end/ print_start would work without extended testing. Grrrr

Has anybody repaired that kind of boom and can give me some hints?


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Gave it some love with a bunsen burner and tongs..
I fear I will have to order a new beam...
I hate these long delivery times.... Waiting is not my best characteristic..

So I know, the z axis of a voron has quite some force
Will not do it. Everything is out of square. But Hinwil survived.


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Replaced by the original Aluminium bar.. Puh that is heavy. Printer moving again. Will test tommorow the influence on speed and acceleration. Will publish results.

P. S. And I found the guilty:
At the end of a print I cool down to 170C and do a nozzle brush.
Yep, this copied routine (nice beside of always lowers to (absolute) Z20 ) ... No matter what is below. Grrrr